Currane Challenge

Event Briefing 2018

Event Briefing 2018


Welcome to the 7th  Annual Currane Charity Challenge in support of Achill's Order of Malta. We want you to thank you for your participation and hope you enjoy this memorable day.  In order to safely enjoy the day, please read the following briefing carefully.

The Currane Charity Challenge is a duathlon adventure race, involving a 31-km cycle and a 6-km run and hill hike/run. Currane Hill stands at an elevation of 500 metres approximately. The race takes place on Saturday, October 13th, 2018 at 9:30am.


All competitors MUST register on Saturday morning, October 13th between 7.30 am and 9.00 am.  Registration takes place at Currane Church car park. Turn left at Mulranny Church and follow the Coast Road approx 7 miles to Currane Church.  Parking will be managed in order to keep the route clear so please take direction from the Challenge Marshals.

There will be a mandatory pre-race briefing at 9.15.  The race begins at 9:30am sharp!

At registration competitors must:

  • Complete your registration waiver form and pay registration fee, for those registering on the day
  • Receive your race number. You will receive one number to be pinned onto your top. NB – Your race number MUST be visible at all times during the event. Pins will be provided at registration.
  • Receive their bike sticker race number.
  • Display their mandatory kit – this must include your bike helmet, a whistle, water and/or sports drink and your mobile phone..  It is also advisable to have tyre levers and a spare tube.  Competitors should be self-sufficient in fixing repairs

Transition Point:

After registering, competitors must affix their race sticker to their bikes. The sticker should be affixed to the front of the bike, beneath the handlebars. It is recommended that competitors also take a minute to identify their transition point. The transition area is where you must leave your bike after completing the cycle leg. Transition is also located in the Church car park and your transition point will be labelled with your race number.

Pre-Event Briefing:

This is compulsory for all competitors and will take place in the Church car park at 9:15am. The briefing will outline any safety information and also describe course specifics. Marshals will also be on hand to check mandatory kit before the race begins.


The event is manually timed by start/finish marshals using the Race Splitter App. Therefore, you MUST have your race number visibly displayed at all times in order for your time to be accurately recorded.

Event Rules:

  • Event begins at 9:30am sharp. Warm-up before the event is allowed but all competitors MUST attend the pre-event briefing and be on the start line, ready to go, at 9:25am.
  • Race numbers must be worn to the front of your singlet/jacket and remain visible throughout the event. If you do not have your number pinned to the front of your jersey, you will not be allowed to start until it is properly affixed.
  • Competitors must have their mandatory kit to begin the race.
  • Competitors must obey the instructions of marshals, Gardai and race volunteers throughout the course. Failure to do so can compromise your safety or that of another person and may result in you being asked to withdraw from the event.
  • You must wear your bike helmet at all times while on your bike. When finishing the cycle leg, you must replace your bike securely in your transition rack BEFORE you remove your helmet.
  • Personal stereo equipment is NOT allowed during the event for safety reasons.
  • Please keep the transition area clean and tidy.
  • There is NO cycling in the transition area. You must mount/dismount your bike at the designated point outside the Church car park.
  • Rules of the road for Cyclists must be obeyed at all times. Check the following link to appraise yourself of these rules
  • Under no circumstances should you cross the centre white line while cycling on the road. The event takes place on public roads and respect and courtesy towards other road users must be practiced at all times.
  • Drafting is allowed.
  • If you get into any difficulty during the event, attract a nearby marshal by using your whistle. Failing this, ask a fellow competitor to notify the nearest marshal of your difficulty. Remain where you are, ensuring you are safely off the road, until help arrives.
  • If you retire from the race, you must notify a marshal of this as soon as possible.
  • Slower competitors should stay towards the back of the field at the start.
  • Always give way to faster competitors where possible.
  • Please do not litter.

The Challenge:

The event begins at 9:30am. The first leg is the cycle leg. Competitors will mount their bikes at the start line outside the Church car park. For safety reasons, please allow faster cyclists to gather to the front at the start.

You will then head west from the car park towards the coast road. After approx 800 metres you will take a sharp left turn onto the Coast rd. As this is a public road, keep to the left of the road at all times, ensuring you do not cross the middle line at any time. A motorbike will lead out at the front as an early warning signal for oncoming traffic.

Sheep are prevalent along this road so please exercise caution where necessary.

The next 8km of road is generally flat. At the 8km mark the road narrows as you enter Doughbeg village. Be aware of pedestrians, traffic and possibly sheep in Doughbeg.

A further 3km ahead, there is a slightly blind hill, descending towards Mulranny National School.  Proceed with Caution around the bends toward Mulranny National School.  Marshals will be indicating to ‘Slow Down’ at this point.

Just past Mulranny National School is a major road junction where you MUST slow down. Obey the instructions of Gardai and/or marshals at this point. You will be turning LEFT onto the main R319 Mulranny to Achill road. This is a busy regional road and you will be cycling on it for the next 10-km. Cycle in single file where possible and only overtake when safe to do so. There is a dangerous bridge along the R319 at the 17km mark. Slow down and exercise caution, paying heed to oncoming traffic.

At approximately the 20-km mark you will be turning LEFT off the R319 onto the L1404 (signposted Corran). This junction will also be marshalled. Look out for ‘Turn Ahead’ signs on the approach to this junction. A further 500m ahead, go straight at the T-junction towards Corran. This junction will also be marshalled and/or signposted.

The next 10km of the cycle leg takes place on the local road. This will be much quieter than the R319, however do continue to watch for traffic, pedestrians and sheep on the road.

There is a narrow bridge at the 26-km mark, after which you will start a gradual climb towards Currane (Corran) village.

Enter the village and cycle to the Church. You must dismount your bike at the dismount point as indicated by the marshals. A timing marshal will be on hand to record your time for the cycle leg, so please make sure your race number is visible on the front of your jersey. Walk your bike into the transition area and place the bike at your designated transition point BEFORE removing your cycle helmet.

After removing your helmet, you will again exit the Church car park, heading east back along the road you have just cycled in. Please check to make sure your race number is still affixed to the front of your jersey.

Walk/Run along the road for approx 1-km, where will turn right onto the mountain path towards Corran hill. This point will be marshalled. You will then proceed up the mountain path until you reach the T-junction (also marshalled). The underfoot terrain is mainly flat but rocky. Wear good quality runners or trail shoes. Turn left at the T-junction and continue for another 500m. When you reach another marshal, at this point you will leave the marked path and begin the short climb to the cairn on Currane Hill (approx elevation 400m). Follow the flags up the hill. The terrain is unmarked brush and heather so please exercise caution. If you experience difficulty, please use your whistle to notify a marshal and wait for assistance.

Once you reach the marshal at the top of the hill, your number will be recorded and you should then proceed to descend. You will follow the flags back to the marked path and return to the finish line at the Church car park by the same route you have come.  Care should be taken on the descend, especially if conditions are wet.

Note – please give way to competitors descending the hill and track.

Run or walk across the finish line, where your finishing time will be recorded. Well done, you have completed the event!

Upon finishing:

  • Proceed to the community centre in the Church carpark for post-event refreshments. Soup and sandwiches will be available for all competitors in the Glor na dTonn Community Centre.
  • Stretch your tired muscles!
  • Massage rollers may be available in the community centre after the race to aid your recovery.
  • Remember to collect your bike and belongings from the transition area. Transition will be closed at 2pm and all bikes and belongings must be collected before then.
  • Proceed to the Compass Bar for prize-giving and the sponsored spot-prize draw. (Approximately 12.45)

Other Information

Bike Hire: is available from Mulranny Cycles.

First Aid: is available during the event and is kindly provided by our local Order of Malta/Irish Coast Guard.

Parking: is available near the Church car park and at The Compass Bar.  Please follow Marshal instructions so we can ensure route is clear.

Results: A link to the online results for the event will be posted on the Facebook page soon after the event.

Prizes: First, Second, and Third male, first, second, and third female, and first team home will receive a prize.  There are also great prizes available in the sponsored spot prize draw after the race for all competitors who attend the awards ceremony in The Compass Bar

Showers: Male and female showers will be available post-race in the dressing rooms of Pairc Ui Griofa (local pitch) which is located approx 1km from the Start/Finish line.

And finally.....

The race organisers would sincerely like to thank all those who made this great event possible – Mhuintir a Chorran Teo; Corran Community Employment & RSS Schemes; Achill Order of Malta; Achill Coast Guard; Tim at Achill Web Design; the ladies in the kitchen; Seamus & Noreen at The Compass Bar; Westport Gardai, our motorcycle marshal, the local residents and business people of Corran, all our sponsors, our volunteer event marshals, Mayo Co Council, our chosen charity and all those whose contributiions have made this event possible. Thank you for your support.

Lastly, thank you for competing! We hope you enjoy your day and will take some fond memories away with you. Your contribution to our charity is much appreciated. We hope you will return next year for our event and please, help us to spread the word.     





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